Replica Richard Mille RM 012 Tourbillon Watches

The RM012 very easily combines the mobile phone industry's of technology, architecture and looks, and it is the first watch within the good reputation for horology to abandon the idea of a good metallic bottom plate in support of a tubular structure. With this particular model, Richard Mille refines even more the architectural character of their calibers because of an authentic and very complex tubular construction that produces an ideal visual harmony.

Richard Mille RM 012 Watch

This exceptional watch needed 2 years of development and 4 prototypes before reaching the ultimate version. Putting together the movement takes several weeks, such may be the meticulousness of every operation. One of the talents of the RM012: its apparent fragility, a chassis which appears to become weightless. But this structure, composed only of tubes, has more torsional rigidity than many bottom plates. It's also incredibly resistant against versions in temperature, and also to corrosion and shocks. The RM012 will come in a limited edition of 30 pieces in platinum.

Not one other watch manufacturer leaves a great deal from the standard techniques of the watch-making industry. Revealed around the world in 2001, the RM 001 Tourbillon broke from the watch-making industry tradition. From the avante-garde design, to the innovative utilization of materials and manufacturing processes the RM 001 stunned the watch world. Now well in to the RM series, Richard Mille is constantly on the produce racing-inspired watches of unique design.

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