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The torque indicator supplies details about the strain of the mainspring, and enables theoptimization of the chronometric functioning of the movement. Anglage and sprucing up by hand securing sections hand polished Sapphire blasted milled sections Lapped and polished contact points Burnished pivots Sapphire blasted surfaces.

Not one other Richard Mille RM 004 Replica watch manufacturer leaves a great deal from the standard techniques of the watch-making industry. Revealed around the world in 2001, the RM 001 Tourbillon broke from the watch-making industry tradition. From the avante-garde design, to the innovative utilization of materials and manufacturing processes the RM 001 stunned the watch world. Now well in to the RM series, Richard Mille is constantly on the produce racing-inspired watches of unique design.

Richard Mille RM 004 Watches

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Richard Mille has launched two new watches produced to celebrate Brazilian Formula 1 race vehicle driver Felipe Massa. The brand new RM 004-V2 and RM 008-V2 watches are generally limited edition masterpieces and therefore are both an excellent tribute towards the racing legend.

The Richard Mille RM 004-V2 watch will be created in 18 carat gold both in whitened white and rose gold, with 10 pieces produced in the whitened and 25 pieces rose gold. Yet another 5 pieces will be produced in titanium having a red and yellow trim. The RM 008-V2 may also be created both in 18 carat whitened and rose gold and can only have 5 pieces created in every metal having a green and yellow trim.

Both Richard Mille RM 004-V2 Replica and also the RM 008-V2 watches feature the conventional Richard Mille tonneau formed case set with structural screws. Additionally to hours, minutes, and seconds, display the RM 004-V2 watch includes a split seconds 30 minute chronograph, a power reserve indicator, a torque indicator, along with a function selection indicator.

The Richard Mille RM 008-V2 has everything the Richard Mille RM 004-V2 but additionally includes a tourbillon escapement. The sub-seconds dial includes a vibrant yellow arrow hand for simple readability. The dial remains safe and secure with a sapphire crystal with many of the indications put on crystal itself. The skeleton dial enables us to determine inside towards the movement of the watch. Both watches are performed by a rubber strap.