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Richard Mille Massa Replica Watch

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In an enormous amount of unpredictable fancy, commercial brands frequently gain and lose ambassadors and partners with alarming frequency. Swiss the watch-making industry firm Richard Mille and F1 driver Felipe Massa buck this trend.

Massa introduced he's dismounting in the prancing horses of Scuderia Ferrari in September 2013 and Richard Mille accompanied by reaffirming its dedication to the motive force for that 2014 season. Within the official statement from the organization, Richard Mille is keen to help remind watch enthusiasts the Massa-RM pairing started in 2004 once the diver was at the Sauber team. Indeed, Richard Mille characteristic the connection likes a "genuine friendship."

“Felipe is really a remarkably intelligent, informative guy, whose impressive career is not even close to over. We've continued to be at his side through the years, just like our friend Rafael Nadal, offering our unwavering support and friendship”, stated Richard Mille themselves.

In almost any case, this statement verifies that we'll 't be conned of the spectacle of Massa wearing his Richard Mille while racing, because he notoriously did using the RM 006 FM throughout the 2004 F1 season. Most lately, Massa used the RM 050 Felipe Massa through the F1 season.